Are you sure your medical report never reads like this?!

Some welcome light relief!

“(The)…tenant in the demised premises stands aggrieved by the pronouncement made by the learned Executing Court upon his objections constituted therebefore…wherewithin the apposite unfoldments qua his resistance to the execution of the decree stood discountenanced by the learned Executing Court”.

“However, the learned counsel…cannot derive the fullest succour from the aforesaid acquiesence… given its sinew suffering partial dissipation from an imminent display occurring in the impunged pronouncement hereat wherewithin unravelments are held qua the rendition recorded by the learned Rent Controller…”

An Indian Supreme Court set aside a judgment of the Himachal Pradesh High Court written in these terms in a landlord and tenant case for being incomprehensible.  Maybe the judgment was a little extreme, but try asking  an English lawyer if they have ever read a medico-legal report which made no or little sense.  I certainly have – and somewhat more than once!

The moral is to write in terms that your anticipated audience will understand unambiguously without having the benefit of a medical training, a classics degree or needing a seminar on the subject.  Oh, but don’t talk down to your audience – they don’t like that either!

[Who or what is medico-legal minder?  Terms and conditions apply

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