What does expert accreditation guarantee? The Whiplash/MedCo saga continues

I return from a period abroad to find that MedCo has been involved in further delays and fundamental changes to the much heralded accreditation process which is intended to guarantee a more robust system of expert report production in whiplash claims.

Perhaps the most interesting change is the accreditation system being brought in-house.  As MedCo’s announcement of 7th March 2016 stated:

“Due to the rapidly evolving policy environment, MedCo has made the difficult decision to bring accreditation training in-house.  The original training model, which allowed for separate training providers, does not enable MedCo the speed and flexibility required to be able to update the accreditation training as necessary in order to ensure a current, robust, resilient and consistent programme.  This is in no way a reflection of the training provided by third party suppliers to date and MedCo thanks Opil Bond Solon and DocSlot.

From March 7th 2016, MedCo Accreditation Training will only be available from MedCo and MedCo owns and manages the training programme. “

This was rapidly followed by the announcement of 24th March that the accreditation deadline has been knocked back yet again, this time to 1st June 2016. (See previous blog)

So what does all of this mean?  What is the “rapidly evolving policy environment?”  Were the experienced providers unable to adapt or change?  What is this sudden need for “speed and flexibility” for a “current, robust, resilient and consistent programme”?

Anyway I am sure that MedCo as the sole and independent safeguard of quality in whiplash reports will share with all users, and particularly lawyers, judges and politicians, just what this “robust” system guarantees, what the training provides and what the accreditation denotes!  What are the standards guaranteed by, and tested for, in MedCo’s accreditation process?  There appears to be no public access to such information, and no willingness to provide it, on the part of MedCo, at least to me!

So if anyone knows what standards we are purportedly getting for our money (as instructing lawyers or reporting medics), do tell!

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